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Ova Woman partners with clients to create women's intimate health products and services that are empathetic to the needs of women. We leverage human-centered design thinking principles to conduct market research and gain insights on topics that are often considered "taboo" because of their intimate nature. Ova Woman then translates those insights into actionable strategies that engender superior products, services, and ultimately better health outcomes for women. 
Please contact connect@ovawoman.com for all inquiries including rates and availability. Client roster and references available on request.

Ova Partners With Clients To:

Products & Services Insights: Are you designing, launching, or improving a women's health product or service? Ova uses immersive research techniques to uncover insights that will take your product to the next level.

Workplace Audits: Is your office parent friendly? How do your breastfeeding accommodations compare to other companies? Ova will review company policies and infrastructure and provide clear strategies for improvement.

Investor Review Research: Are you an investor deciding whether to back a women's health company? Ova will review the product or service and provide you an overview of consumer feedback. We will also provided clear information on how a particular product or service fits within the current market landscape.


Elise Maxwell is a women's health researcher and marketing consultant with extensive experience interviewing women about health and wellness. Elise is especially passionate about investigating "taboo" topics to uncover design insights. Elise received her MBA from the Carlson School of Management and currently lives in Minneapolis, MN.

Ova works with a team of highly skilled freelance work-at-home moms. We strive to provide professional opportunities for women who are taking time away from their full-time marketing and research professions. These women are highly educated and have the empathy required to engage women in intimate conversations about health and wellness.

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