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Episode 7: The Pelvic Floor

This episode was originally going to be about kegels, but I quickly realized that what we really needed to talk about was the pelvic floor. Painful sex and incontinence are two things I want to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, the more research I do the more I realize how common these experiences are. A few episodes ago I interviewed my cousin Sarah and she talked about her experience with pelvic floor physical therapy. I decided I wanted to learn more about how this works in the US.

I reached out to a local hospital, Hennepin County Medical Center and they connected me with an incredible physical therapist, Beth Stegora. Beth answered a lot of my questions about the pelvic floor.

Disclaimer: Information contained on this podcast and website is not intended to be medical advice, nor does it replace care given by your health care provider. Please consult your health care provider when seeking medical care.

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