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Ova Vlog 45: Postpartum Doulas

Postpartum doulas are AMAZING! After birth, your body is healing, you are learning how to take care of a tiny human, you may be trying to figure out how to use your breasts in a totally new way and you have all of life's chores to take care of. EXHAUSTING!! Postpartum doulas support mamas with everything from laundry to breastfeeding. The goal is to provide the mom whatever she needs to care for herself and the new baby.

Are you trying to find a gift for the new mama in your life? Think about chipping in with friends and family to help pay for a postpartum doula. If that isn't financially feasible, talk to the mama before the birth about helping with laundry and meals. Keep it simple and don't put any pressure on the mom to chat, host or entertain.

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