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Ova Vlog 42: Doula Spotlight--Natalia Hals

Are you curious about working with a doula during your childbirth? We recently connected with Natalia Hals to learn more about the role of a doula and her childbirth support business, A Woman's Design. Natalia started A Woman's Design so she could provide families a full range of childbirth services--doula support, postpartum support, childbirth education and more.

Natalia's calming presence, big heart and deep expertise make her the ultimate birth partner. One mama summarized the experience of working with Natalia this way: 

"Natalia knew what was needed and when.  A bath, a sip of water, an encouraging word- or a bathroom break!  And when she was simply in the background watching and waiting for those needs, her presence was a source of peace."

Checkout the reviews for A Woman's Design. 


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