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Ova Vlog 41: Living Through Endometriosis

Natalia Hals lived with debilitating abdominal pain for years before she found out she had endometriosis. Doctors suggested pain medication and hormones to mask her symptoms. This year, Natalia found a doctor in Atlanta that specializes in endometriosis and underwent surgery. Watch this video to learn about Natalia's experience.

Too often endometriosis is assumed to be really bad period cramps, but it is so much more than bad cramps. Some women describe the pain as "100 sharp knives piercing your abdomen." Endometriosis occurs when the tissue that typically lines the inside of a uterus grows outside of the uterus. The disorder can be hard to diagnosis. In fact, on average it takes between 5-10 years from the onset of symptoms for women to receive a diagnosis.

If you have debilitating pelvic pain, seek out support. As women, we can often push through pain thinking it is a normal part of having a uterus, but debilitating pelvic pain is not normal.

Below are resources that Natalia found helpful during her experience.


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