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Two Thumbs Up For the LENA Cup

The LENA Cup is a new menstrual cup and one of the few cups produced in the US. I was excited about this particular cup because it was developed with feedback from teen cup connoisseur Bree Farmer. I personally have tried many different brands of menstrual cups (Diva, Lunette, MeLuna, Sckoon, Keeper, Moon) and was curious to see how the LENA cup compared.

After five months of using this cup, I give it two thumbs up. There are three main reasons I prefer the LENA Cup to the other brands I’ve tried:

  1. LENA pops right open. I never needed to rotate or manipulate the cup to get it to open.
  2. LENA creates a tight seal. The cup stayed right in place when I was active and during bowel movements.
  3. LENA leaked less. I experienced fewer leaks with the LENA cup. The leaks I did experience were minor and resulted from me leaving the cup in too long.

I wanted more than just my own opinion, so I recruited 30 women to try the LENA Cup this spring. I selected both women who were new to the cup and women who had experience using a cup. Participants were interviewed before and after the two-month trial period.

Nine out of the ten participants who had never used a cup said they would continue to use the LENA Cup after the review. Over 80% of current cup users preferred the LENA Cup to other cup brands. Women did experience some issues with the LENA Cup such as strong suction, difficulty removing the cup and occasional leaks.

Current cup users thought that the LENA Cup was a great cup for experienced users, but were concerned that the suction might be too much for new users. The new users in this study did not seem turned off by the suction, but this was a small sample size.

The suction created by the LENA Cup came up frequently as both a pro and a con. Several participants mentioned that the suction was great during activity. They felt more confident while exercising and experienced fewer leaks. Some women felt that the suction made removing the cup difficult.

In addition to improved functionality, several women commented on the design experience of LENA. One woman compared opening her LENA box to opening an Apple product. A few women also noted that the LENA instruction manual was far better than their previous cup’s instructions.

Ova definitely recommends checking out the LENA Cup for both first time cup users and veteran users. LENA is the same price as the Diva Cup and $15 less than the Lunette Cup. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Full Disclosure: While Ova Woman sold menstrual cups in the past, we no longer sell any products. We were not paid for this review and have no monetary connection to the LENA Cup, though free product was provided for testing purposes.

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